Silverlight Menu and Context Menu v2.6.2

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Released: May 18, 2011
Updated: May 21, 2011 by ZiadJ
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Release Notes

- Added custom styling and dynamic theming examples to Demo2.
- Added the UseTriggerElementDataContext property to the PopupMenu class.
- Added the FlipOrientation function to the PopupMenuUtils class.
- Added the IsOpeningCancelled and LeftColumnImageWidth properties to the PopupMenuBase class.
- Added the KeepSelection property.
- Added a dependency property for the IsPinned & BorderMaskFill properties.
- Added the Container property and a destructor to the PopupMenuItem class.
- Added the RegisterShortcut and Reset methods to the PopupMenuManager class.
- Added the IsFlipped property to the PopupMenuCheckBox class.
- Added duplicate detection for shortcuts.

- Renamed property ElementsUnderMouseWhenLastTriggered to ElementsUnderMouseWhenTriggered.
- Renamed properties ParentOverlapGrid, ParentOverlapMaskFill & ParentOverlapMaskThickness to
BorderMask, BorderMaskFill & BorderMaskThickness respectively.
- Renamed method GetContainer to GetItemContainer.
- Renamed method ChangeItemContainerVisualState to SynchContainerState.
- Renamed ShortcutItems to Shortcuts in the PopupMenuManager class and turned it into a dictionary to streamline the shortcut handling process.
- Renamed AccessKeyElement and AccessKeyElementName to AccessKeyTarget and AccessKeyTargetName respectively

- When an access key is specified but not the access key element the latter now uses the application root element to position itself.
- Replaced properties ImageCheckedPath, ImageIntermediatePath and ImageUncheckedPath with ImageCheckedSource, ImageIntermediateSource and ImageUncheckedSource respectively.
- Replaced the ImageMinWidth property with the ImageWidth property.
- Replaced the ExpandOverlayCanvas method with the isOverlayCanvasExpanded property.

- Removed the AllowPinnedState property and added the IsAutoPinnable property.
- Removed ImagePath and ImageRightPath properties.
- Removed the PreserveItemContainerStyle property.
- Removed the GetItem and IsKeyPressed functions.
- Removed the ItemsControlEffect and the ItemsEffect properties.

- Fixed a bug where a TextBox inside the menu would lose focus then typed in.
- Fixed a bug where disabled items had access to their Click event.
- Fixed a bug where disabling a PopupMenuItem did not disable its parent container as well.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the menu from closing after an item bound to a command was clicked.
- Fixed a bug that disabled theming support on a menu item.
- Fixed a bug which occured when using the menu inside a template.
- Fixed a few browser zooming issues.
- Fixed an issue where the menu would still pop up even though IsEnabled is false.
- Fixed a bug where the keyboard navigation was disabled when the ItemsControl was not an immediate child of the menu.
- Fixed a bug where invisible items remained selectable.
- Several other bug fixes.

- To prevent menus from going outside the application window they are now also oriented to the opposite direction.
- When an access key is specified but not the access key element the latter now uses the application root element to position itself.
- Auto selection/deselection of trigger elements through their IsSelected or SelectedIndex properties is now made using reflection.
- Removed the reference to the System.Windows.Controls.Data assembly which was used to select items on DataGrids.
- The GetContainer function is no longer generic and now returns a value of type Control.
- Moved all code meant to provide CheckBox behavior to the new PopupMenuCheckbox class.
- Made minor optimizations for the items query methods and changed their return type from List<T> to IEnumerable<T>.

- Switched to Mercurial source control.
Note the menu can be easily referenced in VS2010 using the Nuget extension which is available for installation from the extension manager. Once installed all you have to do is type the following command in the package manager console:
PM> Install-Package SL4PopupMenu

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